About My Internship

About Me

Hello there! My name is Iman Ahmed and I am a 3rd year student in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Western Ontario. I am very excited for my upcoming summer in Tanzania. If you would like to join me on this journey, keep reading!

Internship Placement and Partner(s)

I will be partnering with Mikono Yetu in Mwanza, Tanzania as a representative of Western Heads East (WHE) for the majority of my summer of 2019. As an intern, I will continue to grow and support Fiti production and distribution in Tanzania which is the primary goal of Mikono Yetu.

Internship Goals

As an Intern for Mikono Yetu and WHE, I am most excited to meet and learn from the people who have been working within this organization for many years and have experience with promoting probiotics within communities and extensive knowledge of the health benefits of probiotics. I am also excited to work on the following goals:

  • Developing a sustainable system for sachet distribution in Tanzania – create a clear process of ordering sachets, a data-tracking system, and an account for funds from sachet sales for future orders for each yogurt kitchen, so that Mikono Yetu can consistently access updated information from the community kitchens in Tanzania
  • Monitoring and evaluation of more than 50 probiotic yogurt kitchens (data collection, mapping)
  • Conducting Sensory Evaluation research for alternatives to probiotic products containing dairy (various juices, porridge, etc.)
  • Plan and run a Fiti Event Day where all kitchens would come together to promote Fiti as well as celebrate successful stories of the kitchens
  • Creating social media initiatives with Mikono Yetu Staff to help promote the use of probiotics to the greater public
  • Support the developing of country-wide Fiti Association and related government advocacy and planning to establish the proposed Fiti Training and Production Centre