Hello friends! Summer has officially ended, and another school year has begun just like that. Which means I back home, safe and sound. It is also my last year of my bachelor’s degree so you could say that almost everything I do on the Western campus feels bittersweet. It’s odd not knowing exactly where I’ll end up in the next year or even in the next eight months I have left at Western, but I am excited to one day look back and see how everything turns out, despite the current state of unknown.  

Since I wrote my last post, I’ve had the longest and craziest past three weeks. We first spent 4 days in Dar es Salaam where Nareesa and I enjoyed the busy and much more developed city-life that Tanzania has to offer. Some of the highlights of DAR included eating all the good food at KT/AT shop, Blue Tea Room and Mambos Grill and visiting Coco Beach, a hotspot for many of the locals. Attending the wedding with her relatives was also very fun and it reminded me of being back home and going to summer weddings with my family. Unfortunately, the last night we were there; I got very sick and was up all night vomiting. The worst part was that the next morning we had to wake up very early to take our ferry to go to Zanzibar.

Our first stop in Zanzibar was Stone Town, luckily the ferry ride there was smooth, and I was feeling much better already (must have been some 24-stomach-bug). Stone-town had a European ocean-side charm and although very touristy, I would still highly recommend going for all the historical sites, Prison Island where you can see hundred-year-old tortoises and Forodhani Gardens which is basically one huge night market filled with the best Zanzibar pizza, coconut milk popsicles and shawarma among other cheap eats. The night market was made even better by the fact that we were there during Eid Celebrations. After Stone Town we headed up north for the nice beaches and more local areas of Zanzibar (in Paje and Nungwi). After Zanzibar, we were home-bound and I think as much as we all loved our time in Tanzania, we were also ready to be home after three long months.

Tips for Zanzibar:

  • Although the ferry is cheaper option compared to flights, if you get sea-sick easily, I wouldn’t recommend the ferry just because the waters are super choppy especially on the way back
  • If you aren’t interested in windsurfing, do not go to Paje because the sand will blow in your face, when you sit on the beach; we also experienced one sleepless night when we could hear loud and clear screaming outside of our hostel room which was more than enough for us to not want to revisit this area, although I’m sure this must have been a wrong-place, wrong-time situation
  • If you go to the Full Moon Party: expect a chill family-friendly atmosphere at a very nicely decorated resort in Nungwi: buy food in the surrounding area before going in, as it’s much cheaper

Despite returning home, my internship obligations for WHE have continued; I’ve been very busy these past few weeks working on my Final Report, creating my Poster Presentation for the annual Africa/Western Collaboration Day and prepping for my Exit Debrief Interview. In addition, I have evaluation forms, final reflections and of course these final blog post updates to complete. I also have to make edits and revisions for the WHE article that I recently wrote, which will now also be published in Western News! School has also started and it’s been a whirlwind of adjusting back to life in Canada, spending time with my family and friends, wrapping up internship project goals while also heading back to school and other commitments…. However, I am very excited to see everything come together within the next month, and also very grateful to be surrounded by all my friends and family again!

Here is a link to the first article I wrote about the WHE 2019 Research Study that we interns conducted this year: https://international.uwo.ca/whe/news/2019/undergraduate_students_from_western_and_brescia_strive_to_make_probiotics_more_accessible_in_east_africa.html?fbclid=IwAR3NiT0ceFBC3phFUq7USgHO6svYOKULsBjO3je2-UdcjWMJ77Bq_-n7xs8

Stay tuned for one last post!

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