12 more days in Mwanza?!?!

Hello, hello!

Where has the time flown? I can’t believe this internship is nearing an end ALREADY… As such this post will be short and sweet, as I have lots of writing to do the next few days! Some quick updates: WE FINISHED CONDUCTING OUR RESEARCH STUDY!!! Last week was one longggg week, but we managed to survey and question 150 participants in the Mwanza area to evaluate the acceptability of probiotic fruit juices/porridge in comparison to probiotic yogurt. All the data has been collected, but has yet to be analyzed statistically to determine whether or not probiotics juices and porridge can be used as a viable alternative for Yogurt Mamas who have been faced with the challenge of finding affordable and good quality milk. Another 150 participants will be surveyed at the Kenya site in Juja at JKUAT university very soon. I will post a link soon to a news article, written by yours truly, on the background story and main purpose of our research study.

On another note, after being in Mwanza, Tanzania for almost 3 months without getting sick at all, this past week and a half has been quite rough. Things are finally looking upwards, but I am praying that I don’t experience similar symptoms when we go to Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar in just 12 short days. The next week and half will be spent wrapping my research project at Foundation Karibu Tanzania, meeting with officials at SAUT for updates on allowing more students to be involved with the campus yogurt kitchen, and attempting to finish up final administrative tasks with Mikono Yetu, as well as working on my Final Report and last few Reflection pieces as requirements of the WHE program.

I can’t believe I will be back in Canada in less than a month, it is all very bittersweet, but I am very excited for my upcoming travel plans as the summer comes to an end. Kwe heri for now and asante sana for joining me on all my adventures! 🙂

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