So, my flight out of Mwanza is somehow TOMORROW… This creeped up on me very quickly, and I actually got very sad while packing up my room earlier today. But I still have a lot to look forward to before heading back home! Firstly, we have planned a short 4-day trip to Dar es Salaam for some good food and a WEDDING – Nareesa’s uncles sister’s daughters…. Very common for Desi (brown) Families to invite EVERYBODY to their wedding, so I am very excited for this. I also have lots to do tomorrow before leaving for my flight which is at 9pm; so, the entire day will be spent picking up last minute souvenirs, saying our last goodbyes, finishing up smaller tasks for Mikono Yetu, etc.

After our DAR trip we are heading to Zanzibar to meet up with Amber and Sara for another 7 days of travel time and relaxing. I am most excited for the beaches and views that I know Zanzibar is famous for, there is also supposed to be lots of yummy food and fun activities to partake in. There are still some other final things I have left to finish for the WHE Internship like the Final Report and A Poster for Africa Collaboration Day, but right now it is time to leave Mwanza, and so I have been reflecting on the busy and adventurous summer I have had. I am very proud of myself for pushing myself out of my comfort zone, trying new things and also overcoming some challenges that I didn’t think I’d face.

Lastly, I want to say a special thank you to all the wonderful people I met this summer both from WHE in Canada and locals from Tanzania who have helped make this summer one of the most out-there experiences I’ve ever had. I will update my blog one last time when I’m back in CANADA (in just 12 short days) reflecting on the whole experience, giving tips for future interns and so on, so STAY TUNED for that!

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