3 more days… Until Takeoff!


The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of finishing exams, getting ready for my summer abroad and spending last few moments with friends and family. Despite months of preparation and anticipation for the trip, I was surprised at how many last minute things that I still had to sort out before embarking on this journey.

From working out my scholarship funding and sending thank-you letters to donors, ensuring I had all my medications in order, purchasing travel insurance, exchanging money for the trip, setting up my blog, emailing future colleagues and contacts in Tanzania, planning my goals and obligations for the internship, buying last-minute travel amenities, attending my final training sessions, as well as attempting to pack for 4 months in just one suitcase – you could say my plate was more than full. So full, that I am positive my suitcase is most definitely over the weight limit (which hopefully Air Canada can overlook -since I am travelling abroad for almost 4 whole months).

On a final note, I am very excited for the many wonderful memories and learning experiences that I am sure this summer will bring. Stay tuned for updates about life in Tanzania and my experience as a Western Heads East Intern for the Summer of 2019 in collaboration with Mikono Yetu!


P.S. My Swahili definitely needs work, but I am hoping to brush up my skills over the next few days, as well as during my 18+ hours of flights which are coming up very soon… Also from past experience, learning a new language is a lot easier when you are surrounded by people who speak it; it is also a much more fun and collaborative way to learn, in my opinion!

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